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Official Naruto Restaurant Now Serving Up Ramen in Shanghai


If you get hungry just watching Naruto chow down on ramen at his favorite noodle spot, Ramen Ichiraku, you can now do so at an official recreation. The first official Naruto ramen restaurant in the world recently opened in Shanghai’s Global Harbor, offering up plenty of ramen and other Naruto-themed goods.

The restaurant, which opened its doors in February, is based on the one in Masashi Kishimoto’s manga and the anime adaptation, which itself is based on a real place in Fukuoka called Ichiraku Ramen. The author frequently visited the restaurant during his college days.

Here’s a look at the Shanghai version of Ramen Ichiraku, via Twitter users @ShanghaiEye and @moritsuu:

And here’s the restaurant Kishimoto used to go to, via tsudasemaru_0430 on Instagram:

Personally, I think we need Naruto ramen joints all over the world!

Via Kotaku