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No More Heroes HD Port is PS3 Exclusive in North America

All would-be No More Heroes fans that find themselves without Wiis still can breathe a sigh of relief, as the port of Grasshopper Manufacture’s game will make its way to Playstation 3 in North America.

Konami picked up the European publishing rights to No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise—an HD port of the first game with added content—a couple months ago, and now they’ll be releasing it in North America, as well. You haven’t seen otaku protag Travis Touchdown take a crap until you’ve seen it in hi-def.

Just in case you can’t imagine playing NMH‘s sword-slashing madness without a Wii remote, the PS3 version will include a choice between Dualshock controls or the motion-based Playstation Move. The port will also have a cutscene viewer, a Rebout boss rush mode, and additional boss characters that weren’t in the Wii version.

Though it appears Xbox 360 owners are out of luck for the time being, Heroes’ Paradise is scheduled to land on Playstation 3 in 2011.

Source [Joystiq]