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No Longer Allowed in Another World Character Visual Highlights Lead

no longer allowed in another world

Based on the manga by Hiroshi Noda and Takahiro Wakamatsu, the No Longer Allowed in Another World anime is preparing to premiere sometime in 2024. A new preview arrived this week in the form of a character visual, taking a moment to highlight the protagonist known as “Sensei.” 

Here’s a look at our lead:

The No Longer Allowed in Another World authors previously worked together on the Love After World Domination manga. Seven Seas Entertainment publishes No Longer Allowed in Another World in English and describes the manga like so:

A second life in another world with cute girls by your side and video gamey powers–sounds like a dream, right? Not so for a certain melancholy author, who would quite literally rather drop dead. Honestly, all the fantastical adventure is just getting in the way of his poetic dream of finding the perfect place to die. But no matter how much he risks his hide, everything seems to keep turning out okay. Will our terminally depressed hero find a new lease on life in this cheerfully bleak isekai comedy?

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