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NMB48 Goes Feline in Nyan Nyan Chara Web Promos

Hello, this is Otaku and trend watcher, Yunmao Ayakawa! NMB48, a sister group of AKB48 located in Osaka, has just released web movies called “Nyan Nyan Chara Collection” in conjunction with the energy drink “Min Min Daha” (beat the sleepiness)!

Sixteen members of NMB48 wear a Nyan Nyan (cat) costume, and perform short skits! Each Nyan Nyan has a personality such as Waru Nyan (bad cat), Kyapi Nyan (perky cat) and Genki Nyan (energetic cat). In the skits, they speak Nyanko-go (cat language)! If you watch the skits carefully, you will notice that they add “Nyan” at the end of each sentence or phrase. For example, dame (not good) is dame-nyan, and konnichiwa (hello) is Konnichi-nyan in Nyanko-go. Nyan-go will be a cool trend soon, so let’s start speaking it now-nyan!

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NMB48 Min Min Daha CM Video