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New Lupin Series Opening Video, Premiere Date Revealed

As you’re well aware if you’ve keeping up on all things Lupin, there’s a new series (the first with Lupin in the starring role in 30 years) premiering this year, and it’s set in Italy (a country that loves Lupin, apparently).

This week the opening for the series, along with the premiere date of the series, popped up on these here nets. Sweet!

The opening song, entitled “L’avventura Italiana” (my Italian ain’t perfect, but I’m guessing that means “Italian adventure”) is by Giorgio Vanni, who first came to fame for doing the Italian version of the Pokemon theme song, and has composed many songs for anime since.

The music for the series will be composed by long-time Lupin jazz guy Yuji Ono.

The series, which is also subtitled L’avventura Italiana, premieres August 29 in Italy. It was originally announced the series would premiere in Italy in May, long before Japan, but that plan appears to have been scrapped.

Do you like the look (and sound) of the new series?

Source: ANN

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