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It’s like Shirobako, but with video games.

That’s how we imagine the upcoming anime New Game! was pitched to studio Doga Kobo, who are animating the series set to premiere July 4.

New Game! centers around the purple-haired Aoba Suzukaze (Yuki Takada), who joins a game development company called Eaglejump after graduating from high school. If it’s anything like Shirobako, it’ll feature lots of tight deadlines, overtime and pulling out of hair before the eventual triumphant release of a hit game.

But we’re just guessing.

That background music in the preview is the opening theme for the series, which is titled “Sakura Skip” and is sung by a group called fourfolium, who also happen to be the series’ lead voice actors.

New Game! is directed by Yoshiyuki Fujiwara (Plastic Memories) and series composition comes courtesy Fumihiko Shimo (Infinite Stratos).

Prepare to get your Game! on July 4.

Source: ANN