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New Dragon Ball Z Reese’s Puffs Collab Showcases (Almost) All Your Faves

Goku stars on new Dragon Ball Z x Reese's Puffs cereal boxes!

Seeing your anime or anime-adjacent faves on a cereal box isn’t an entirely odd thing if you’re a child of the 80s. Remember the Nintendo Cereal System, with its side-by-side skinny bags of Mario and Zelda cereals? Or was that just us? Either way, it’s a rare but not unheard-of treat. And now, Dragon Ball Z fans can know that same joy.

No, it’s not an entirely new cereal. (Although that would be rad.) It’s a collab with Reese’s Puffs, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the shonen powerhouse series. And for a limited time, you can share the breakfast table with your favorite fighter.


The Bright Orange Box

Goku box

The majority of these collaborative Dragon Ball Z x Reese’s Puffs boxes will sport a smiling Goku on the front. And to some degree, it makes sense. Akira Toriyama’s series and the Reese’s brand both sort of corner the market on bright orange imagery. That and, well, they’re two great things about a lot of our childhoods.

Like the Dragon Balls themselves, there are seven boxes. The fronts will all look the same, as seen above. The backs, however, will showcase one of seven major characters.


Do You See Your Fave?

Trunks box art

Adorning the backs of each box will be seven Dragon Ball Z greats: Goku, Trunks, Vegeta, Cell, Frieza, Piccolo, and Majin Buu. That’s a pretty cool lineup… but hardcore Gohan fans may notice their fave missing. Then again, that’s just kind of a mood for DBZ in general. Sadly, he doesn’t get to share a cereal box with his dad.

You’ll have until May to try and collect all seven boxes, which are priced at $5.69 MSRP. Of course, if you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can go out and hunt down the eighth box.


Collector’s Edition

Shenron box, available only at Sam's Club

There’s one Dragon Ball Z cereal box that won’t have Goku on the front, and you can only get it at Sam’s Club. This special box features Shenron on the front, as well as all seven Dragon Balls. The exclusive offering has the same MSRP as the other seven… you’ll just have fewer opportunities to get your hands on one.

As mentioned, these boxes will be available nationwide until May (which, incidentally, is when “Goku Day” is—May 9). Will you be grabbing one of these for the breakfast table? Which box(es) will you be going for? While we’re at it, who else deserves to get some cereal box face-time?

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