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Netflix to Produce Live-Action Adaptation of Blazing Transfer Student

Between licensing loads of anime, supposedly producing some of their own and the whole live-action Death Note thing, Netflix clearly has its eye on the otaku market.

But while Death Note is known and loved around the world, their next manga adaptation is based on a property with a slightly smaller fanbase.

The new series in question is called Blazing Transfer Student REBORN, and it’s based on the 1983-85 manga Blazing Transfer Student (Hono no Tenkosei) about a high school where disputes are settled through boxing. The Netflix series is a sequel in which main character Noboru Takizawa is now principal of the school.

The series, which streams in 190 countries this winter, stars the seven members of boy band Johnny’s West. It’s directed by Toshio Lee, best known in the west for the live-action Detroit Metal City film.

If fans in the west are familiar with Blazing Transfer Student, it’s most likely through the two-episode anime adaptation animated by Gainax (Neon Genesis Evangelion), but even that has never had an official English-language release.

Regardless, we’re looking forward to seeing the members of Johnny’s West punch each other in the face this winter.

Source: ANN

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