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Near Kyoto Animation Arson Anniversary, Man Arrested For Threats Against Kodansha

kodanshaOn July 17, almost one year to the date of the Kyoto Animation arson attack, Tokyo police arrested a man for threatening the publisher Kodansha. Like the suspect in the KyoAni case, this suspect claimed that the company in question did something unseemly with his novel. In KyoAni, the alleged arsonist said his novel was stolen. With Kodansha, it was a somewhat different reason: according to Anime News Network, the suspect was apparently angry because his novel submissions were rejected.

The suspect with the Kodansha case, a 44-year-old man, had posted things on Twitter about how he wanted to “smash their heads in with a hammer and chop them up with a cleaver,” and “go to the editorial department and tear them up and riddle them with holes.”

Now that he’s been arrested, the suspect said he “never meant to carry out the threat.”

Kodansha was first aware of these threatening tweets back in May and contacted the police.

Source: Sankei News via Anime News Network

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