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Naruto Creator Celebrates Anime’s 20th Anniversary With Illustration


This weekend marks the opening of NARUTO THE GALLERY, a special exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary of the anime adaptation with art, footage and more. Naruto manga author Masashi Kishimoto is celebrating the December 10 kickoff with a special illustration, which you can check out below.

The message on the piece of art says, “Congratulations on “NARUTO THE GALLERY!” I can’t wait to enjoy the 20-year history of the anime! As an author who has been influenced quite a bit by the anime, it’s going to be a heart-pounding experience!”


A message also came through from original Naruto Uzumaki VA Junko Takeuchi, who said, “I feel that “NARUTO” is loved by everyone so much that we are able to hold such a large exhibition for its 20th anniversary. But can you give us more love? As you visit the gallery, more and more love will accumulate and sublimate, creating a huge Rasengan. We hope you will all visit “NARUTO THE GALLERY” to create a Rasengan of love. We are waiting for you!”

NARUTO THE GALLERY will be held from December 10, 2022 to January 31, 2023 at AKIBA_SQUARE in Akihabara’s UDX building. In addition to anime-based visuals showcasing the growth and bonds of Masashi Kishimoto’s characters over the years, the exhibition will feature screenings of new collaborative works from video artists who are also big Naruto fans. 

Via Crunchyroll News