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My Master Has No Tail Reveals Debut Dates, Shares New Trailer

master has no tail

The anime My Master Has No Tail has revealed its debut dates and unleashed a new trailer that includes the opening theme song in the background. In Japan, the anime is set to debut on September 30 on Tokyo MX. The next day it debuts on MBS, the day after that on BS Asahi, then finally on AT-X on October 4.

In the trailer you can hear some of the characters talk, as well as get the first chance at listening to “Genai Yugi” (translated as “Fleeting Love Game”) performed by GARNiDELiA.

We don’t hear it here, but the ending theme song is called “Virgina” and performed by Hinano.

The anime is being made at LIDEN FILMS and Hideyo Yamamoto — who has previously worked on The Prince of Tennis II, Strike the Blood, and Cells at Work! Code Black — is directing. The scripts are being written by Touko Machida, Kei Shimobayashi, Aya Satsuki, and Yuho Togashi, with Machida also supervising. The tasks of character designer and chief animation fall to Ryo Yamauchi.

Looking toward the cast, M.A.O plays Mameda, Hibiku Yamamura plays Bunko, Lynn plays Shirara Tsubaki, Takuya Eguchi plays Tsubaki Byakudanji, Ayumu Murase plays Sakujiro, Natsuki Aikawa plays Omatsu, Ikumi Hasegawa plays Koito, Yuichiro Umehara plays Rakuda,
Ayana Taketatsu plays Enishi Kirino, Akira Ishida plays Utaroku Ebisuya, and Junichi Suwabe plays Buncho Daikokutei.

Kondansha Comics publishes the manga in English, and gave this description for the series:

“Mameda is a tanuki who was born in the wrong era – all she wants is to trick humans, but that age of tanuki shenanigans is over. But one woman, a rakugo master named Bunko, shows Mameda it’s still possible to cast magic on humans…only with words, not illusions. Mameda is determined to become Bunko’s apprentice, but can she convince the stoic master to take her on…?”

Source: ANN


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