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My Hero Academia Author Thinks Manga Has About a Year Left

my hero academia season 6

Back in March, the My Hero Academia manga entered what was described as its ‘final act.’ Now, according to author Kohei Horikoshi—who provided a written message for the series’s Jump Festa 2022 event—he thinks it could reach the end in about a year.

Horikoshi said this is how things should go if the series continues to “progress smoothly.” If it doesn’t, he suggested that Daiki Yamashita—the voice actor behind Izuku Midoriya, who read Horikoshi’s message at the event—will be reading the exact same letter at next year’s Jump Festa.

Horikoshi also teased something for both fans and haters of Katsuki Bakugo alike. The character will soon get his “big scene,” so he urged everyone to look forward to it.

The My Hero Academia manga has been running in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. VIZ Media publishes the manga in English, and the TV anime adaptation currently has its sixth season in the works.

A new trailer for season 6 premiered at Jump Festa:

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