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Motion Pictures Association of America Goes After Anime Torrent Site

Anime News Network picked up on a report that the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPA) put out a cease-and-desist toward the Nyaa torrent site.

The MPA claims that Nyaa is taking part in copyright infringement and has done “significant, irreparable damage.” The MPA has also made it clear that it wants Nyaa to not only close down, but pay a settlement and give over various rights, such as the domain.

Nyaa has responded on Twitter, being dismissive toward the situation:

“To briefly address this, we have no plans to shutdown or quit at this time. If we do choose to shutdown eventually we will make a public database dump for any successor entity to use, we will not be just disappearing like our predecessor site leaving everyone else on their own.”

In another tweet, Nyaa scoffed at the term “anime cartel” and referred to allegations against them as “fanfic.”

Source: Anime News Network


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