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More Survival Game Anime for Fans of Tasuketsu -Fate of the Majority-

Tasuuketsu -Fate of the Majority-

Tasuketsu -Fate of the Majority- kicked off the summer anime season with a bang. In this new survival game series, the population is whittled down bit by bit based on either/or questions posed each evening. Whichever answer encompasses the majority of “players,” those players die. Once one participant remains, they will have a chance to meet the Emperor who runs this game. It’s a high-stakes survival game, and the first episode has left fans guessing what’s next—and how the series will continue.

As you wait for new episodes each week, check out these other survival game anime. Unscramble the rules, find the mastermind, and see if you can guess who will emerge victorious!




JUNI TAISEN: ZODIAC WAR is a 1-2 punch of goodness for Tasuketsu fans and fans of Nisio Isin. The creator of the popular Monogatari series penned this survival game spin on the Chinese zodiac. The 2017 anime adaptation brings to life the books series’s 12 superpowered warriors, each with abilities themed to one of the mythical animals.

The Zodiac Tournament takes place every 12 years, and this is the 12th tournament. Each participant has swallowed a poisoned Beast Gem. To win, one participant must collect the other 11 gems within 12 hours. (After the time limit, the gems will release a deadly poison.) The prize? A wish, of course!


King’s Game the Animation

King's Game the Animation

Tasuketsu has its Emperor, and King’s Game has… well, a king. This particular challenge takes its name from a popular Japanese party game, in which players take turns being “king” and issuing dares to other players. But in this case, refusing to obey the king isn’t just a matter of being a good sport—it’s a matter of life or death.

The anime adaptation of this light novel series combines two storylines, each focusing on protagonist Nobuaki. Having won the King’s Game at his previous school, he’s transferred to a new school to try and start over. But when the game follows him, he has to try and rally his new classmates to keep as many as possible alive.


Darwin’s Game

Darwin's Game

Tasuketsu finds its way to its hapless players via laptop and TV screens. But the deadly game of Darwin’s Game is a downloadable app. And once you’re in, there’s no checking out. High schooler Kaname finds this out too late, and becomes embroiled in a battle for his life after watching several of his friends die.

But this game is more than just an amusement at the hands of a malevolent emperor. There’s a bigger purpose to Darwin’s Game, as Kaname and his allies will eventually discover.

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