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More Details Surface for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

The buzz this past week has been all about Square Enix’s unexpected take on the rhythm game genre, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. As one might expect, it mixes the world of FF with the world of music-based games, turning battles into rhythm-based takes on classic FF tunes.

More info on the game surfaced recently, including fresh screens and a look at some of the tracks that are being remixed for the tap-tap-timing game. The song list thus far:

FFV: “Clash on the Big Bridge”
FFVII: “One Winged Angel”
FFX: “To Zanarkand”
FFXIII: “Sunless Riverside”

Gameplay is comprised of three types: field, battle and event, and players can choose titles spanning from Final Fantasy I to XIII. With a party of four in tow, they then must use their rhythmic skills to clear stages and level up characters, all the while unlocking songs and movies.

There is currently no concrete release date for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

Source [Famitsu via Crunchyroll]