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More Berserk Anime on the Way [UPDATED]

It’s something that’s been on everyone’s mind since the original animated adaptation of Berserk came to a frightening halt. Many would argue said ending was unsatisfying, but the truth is it just gave the audience a taste of too many great things to come. Who wouldn’t want more?

We’ll be getting just that according to the wraparound jacket on the latest Japanese volume of Kentarou Miura’s manga. The 35th volume announces the launch of a new anime project, though details beyond that are momentarily scant.

We’ll learn more soon via Hakusensha’s Young Animal—in which Miura’s Berserk has been running since 1989—and its website. Until then, enjoy the mere knowledge of its looming existence!

Update: The first of a few brief teasers has arrived.



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