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Miss Nagatoro OP Music Video Goes Behind the Scenes with Sumire Uesaka

miss nagatoro op

“EASY LOVE” marks both the opening theme song for the Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro anime adaptation and the 11th single for lead voice actress Sumire Uesaka. The official music video recently debuted, showing off live-action footage of Uesaka in multiple roles, and to mark the occasion of the single’s April 21 launch, the artist’s official YouTube channel has shared a behind-the-scenes video.

A full-length version of the behind-the-scenes footage will be featured on a bonus disc for the first pressing of the single’s limited edition release.

First, here’s the full music video for “EASY LOVE”:

Anime OP:

Behind-the-scenes footage:

The Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro anime premiered on April 10 and is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. Here’s the official synopsis:

“A girl in a lower grade just made me cry!” One day, Senpai visits the library after school and becomes the target of a super sadistic junior! The name of the girl who teases, torments, and tantalizes Senpai is “Nagatoro!” She’s annoying yet adorable. It’s painful, but you still want to be by her side. This is a story about an extremely sadistic and temperamental girl and you’ll feel something awaken inside of you.

Via Crunchyroll