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Milestone Shooting Collection Brings Vertical Action to Wii

Despite its reputation for mostly housing highly accessible family games, Nintendo’s console has quite a bit to offer those into more niche genres than one might expect. Take for example Ultimate Shooting Collection, which UFO Interactive brought to North America in February of last year.

The shooting continues in Japan on December 30 with Milestone Inc’s release of Milestone Shooting Collection 2. The follow-up includes everything from the first disc—Chaos Field, Radio Allergy, and Karous—while offering up two fresh titles, Radio Allergy Noir and Illvelo.

Milestone Shooting Collection 2 is currently an import-only affair unless someone decides to pick it up for stateside release. You on top of this yet, UFO? For a look at the action to come, be sure to visit the official website.

Source [Joystiq]