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Mega Man 10 Headed for All Consoles in 2010 [Trailer]

Boy oh boy, the news of Mega Man 10 has me pretty pumped, and maybe it’s having the same effect on you, dear reader. Since it was revealed in an issue of Nintendo Power, the next chapter in the blue bomber’s ongoing saga has followed a path similar to its predecessor, Mega Man 9.

The latest news unveiled along that path is that 10 won’t just be hitting WiiWare, but also Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. According to Capcom’s latest press release, all three services will be getting the title in March 2010, though it appears the WiiWare release has about a two-week jump on the other two. It won’t be long before we’re all madly shaking our fists at the nefarious Sheep Man, or the bulky might of Commando Man.

I’ll be sure to update on this, as I was quite fond of 9. For now, watch the debut trailer below!