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Mangaka Eiko Hanamura Passes Away After 7 Decades As Professional Artist

Shojo manga trailblazer Eiko Hanamura has passed away at the age of 91, with the cause of death being listed as Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome. She began her professional manga career back in 1959, with the publication of Murasaki no Yōsei (Purple Fairy). Her 1968 manga Kiri no Naka no Shojo (The Girl in the Fog) was turned into a live-action series by Tokyo Broadcasting Station the next decade.

Anime News Network calls her a prolific artist over the years, pointing out she also worked on Hanakage no Hito (A Woman in the Shadow of Flowers), a Tale of Genji manga adaptation, and Hanabira no Tō (A Steeple of Flower Petals). In addition to that, she was still doing professional art this year. She was part of both the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts in France and the Japan Cartoonists Association in her homeland.

Today people in Japan and around the world recognize and celebrate her legacy.

Source: Anime News Network


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