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Mamoru Oshii to Tackle Tetsujin 28

Some of the details on this one are still a bit unclear, but it’s worth passing along, especially in the shadow of some lackluster attempts at reviving Tetsujin 28 in recent years. I’m talking specifically about Shin Togashi’s live-action film from 2005, which was almost criminally boring despite showcasing some decent effects.

Hopefully the man behind the Ghost in the Shell flicks—and most recently the live-action Assault Girls—can change things for ol’ Gigantor. Hot (or maybe warm at this point) off the 2008 Tetsujin 28 stage play based on Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s original manga, Mamoru Oshii has his sights on more iron giant action in a project he announced at an Assault Girls press conference in Tokyo.

Though assumptions would likely lean toward live-action, it’s unclear whether this project will be produced in that style or animated. We’ll let you know as we find out more, and here’s hoping Oshii has some success with the well-aged franchise.

Source [Cinema Today via ANN]