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Made in Abyss to Plumb Further Depths in Season 2

made in abyssIf you’re one of the many folks who enjoyed the anime adaptation of Akihito Tsukushi’s Made in Abyss manga, you’re in luck. As revealed during a special Deep in Abyss Recital event, which took place at Tokyo’s Congress Square Nihonbashi convention center on November 26, a second season is currently in the works.

Details are light at the moment, but we’re likely looking at returning cast and staff members over at anime studio Kinema Citrus. In the meantime, we have a brief promo to whet our appetites, so dive in below if you’ve already watched all of the first season.

made in abyss

Here’s how Amazon’s Anime Strike sums up the first season:

Within the depths of the Abyss, a girl named Riko stumbles upon a robot who looks like a young boy. Riko and her new friend descend into uncharted territory to unlock its mysteries, but what lies in wait for them in the darkness?

And here’s our review!

Source: Ota-suke via Crunchyroll