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These Anime Stars Deserve Their Own Balloons in the Macy’s Parade

Pikachu has a spot in the Macy's Parade

Things are running a little differently for the Macy’s Parade this year, but one thing remains the same: the balloons! Amongst the old and new stars flying by this year will be Pikachu, retaining his spot of honor. Goku has also made appearances in the parade before. But there are a few others we think deserve the honor!

In terms of anime that staked its claim in the U.S. and went on to turn us into fans, these are just a few faces in need of (we think) humongous inflatable tributes. Maybe in future years they’ll get their moment in the sun… or snow, more likely!


Astro Boy

Astro Boy, a.k.a. Tetsuwan Atom

If we’re talking about iconic anime characters, Astro Boy (a.k.a. Tetsuwan Atom) is obviously high on the list! The iconic robot kid stands at the forefront of anime and manga as we know it, along with creator Osamu Tezuka. Not only that, his fame made it to the States, making him a nostalgic character for families around the country.

There’s another reason he warrants a spot in the Macy’s Parade, though: he’s kind of shaped just right to be a big parade balloon, isn’t he? Astro has had a few redesigns over the year, but his original look would be perfect — maybe even in black and white?


Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Just as Astro Boy is a point of nostalgia for a lot of fans, so is Mifune Go… or Speed Racer, as he’s better known in the U.S. He’s received tributes in other media, not to mention his own Hollywood movie that was really good, actually. For a lot of us, the voice of Peter Fernandez will always be in our memories.

It would only be right to have Speed roll through the Macy’s Parade in his Mach 5. Imagine that balloon drifting around the corners of New York City!


Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon, a.k.a. Usagi Tsukino

Just as Macy’s Parade balloon-haver Goku was a lot of kids’ first anime fave, so was Sailor Moon. The premiere of the magical girl series in the mid-1990s was a lot of fans’ very first introduction to anime. Since then, the Moon Princess has gotten her own tokusatsu series, video games, musicals, and a rebooted anime.

She’d make a magical sight on the parade route, armed with her Moon Stick. It would be especially cool to see her rendered in Naoko Takeuchi’s own manga style, though we all know by now that that can be a little difficult to bring to life.

What other anime stars do you think deserve Macy’s Parade balloons? And, more importantly, will you be watching this year’s televised, modified parade?

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