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Anime to (Re)watch While You Wait for the Next Episode of Loki

Re:ZERO is one of several good stopgaps for Loki fans

Burdened with glorious wait time? That’s cool. We watch Loki, too.

The latest addition to the Marvel catalog on Disney+ has people enchanted, putting a new spin on everyone’s favorite trickster god. But the week between episodes can feel like an eternity. We’ve gathered up these anime, which touch on some of the same themes, to keep us occupied as we wait for the next installment. Maybe they’ll work for you, too!


Princess Tutu: Fighting Determinism

Princess Tutu

All things serve the Sacred Timeline in Loki, regardless of whether that’s a good idea. At least one character (no guesses which) is not a fan of his fate being laid out ahead of him. While he’s working within the system, he’s also struggling against it… kind of like the storybook characters of Princess Tutu.

The surprisingly dark magical girl anime gets meta really fast. Our heroes and villains are fairy tale characters written into life by the creepy-eyed Drosselmeyer, and all must run in their ordained paths to make a good story. Suffice to say, there is a rebellion. Several rebellions, actually. Much like Loki, Duck and her compatriots have no interest in having their fates preordained. Especially considering one involves Duck dying in a flash of light if she ever confesses her crush.


Cop Craft: Paranormal Buddy Cops

Cop Craft

Once Loki gets past his initial issues with the Time Variance Authority, he ends up working with them — specifically a fella named Mobius. Whether they really do get along, or whether they’re playing each other for fools, they have amazing chemistry. And if you want more normal/paranormal buddy cop action, that’s what Cop Craft is here for.

Based on a light novel series, Cop Craft takes place in a world where a gateway over the Pacific Ocean creates a link between our world and the world of magic. Police Sergeant Kei Matoba finds himself teaming up with Tilarna Exedilica, a high-ranking magical being who’s tougher than she looks. While time and multiple dimensions don’t enter into their cases, there are plenty of other supernatural threats afoot.


Re:ZERO: Timeline Madness and Self-Discovery

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

In a lot of ways, Loki harkens back to Re:ZEROthe story of a young man taken to a world where his attitude won’t carry him, and he’s faced repeatedly with the idea that his fate is not his own. Though Re:ZERO by its nature creates timelines rather than quashing them, Subaru finds himself just as out of control of his fate as Loki does at times.

Plus, it’s a psychological deep dive into the mind of a guy who isn’t nearly as tough as he looks. Subaru isn’t even remotely as villainous as Loki. But their experiences are both tearing them down a little at a time and showing us what they’re made of.

What are you watching between episodes of Loki?

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