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Living in a F*** Room Getting Anime in Censored and Uncensored Versions

The mature manga Yoasobi Gurashi! (creatively translated as Living in a F*** Room) by Suika is getting an anime adaptation that will debut on July 7. It will air on Japanese TV, and also be available with English subtitles on the website Coolmic. AnimeFesta is behind the adaptation.

Along with this news came information on the cast and crew, as well as a visual.

For the main cast, Kofun Penguin plays Kazuto Mano, and Ion Momoyama plays Yayoi Muto.

The anime is being made at Studio Hōkiboshi, with Tatsuya Sasaki of Spy Classroom helming the project as director. The person handling series composition is Eeyo Kurosaki, known for working on The Perfect Prince Loves Me, the Side Character?! It’s being produced by Suiseisha, while Studio Mouse is taking care of sound production. Credit for both character design and chief animation directing go to Masaaki Sakurai, whose credits include Shadowverse Flame.

As with some other AnimeFesta titles, Yoasobi Gurashi! will have two versions. There’s the broadcast version on Japanese TV, which will contain censorship. The version on Coolmic is the uncensored version, called the “premium version.” The majority — but not all — of titles from AnimeFesta are aimed for an adult audience.

Suiseisha gave this description for the plot:

“My room…has been turned into a love hotel?!”

Meet Kazuto, whose hopes of becoming a photographer didn’t pan out, and Yayoi, who successfully achieved her dream of becoming a model.

Two childhood friends who have grown apart… Suddenly find themselves living together!

In the beginning, there’s an awkward tension between them, and Yayoi has a secret she can’t tell Kazuto…

Then, one night, things start to change… Could they be more than just childhood friends…?!

The original manga is also available on Coolmic under the title Living in a F*** Room. It debuted in 2022 on the ComicFesta website.

Source: ANN


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