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Live-Action Getter Robo Film Revealed for Spring 2025 Premiere

live-action getter robo

Another classic manga is getting ready to come to the big screen with the announcement of a live-action adaptation for Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa’s Getter Robo manga. The super robot spectacle is currently aiming to come to theaters in spring 2025, just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series. 

The project comes from film studio Big One, which also launched a Campfire crowdfunding campaign for a pilot version, running from now until April 19 with a ¥5 million (US$37,600) goal. Junya Okabe (Cat Shit One: The Animated Series) is directing, writing and producing, and you can see some early designs from the crowdfunding page below.

At the time of this writing the campaign has already hit 164% of its goal, though it warns backers that this won’t be a film with a large Hollywood budget, so they should temper expectations and expect something more akin to Japanese film standards.

The Getter Robo series first started as a manga and anime, with the manga running in Weekly Shonen Sunday from April 1974 to August 1975 and the anime running for 51 episodes from April 1974 to May 1975. It has since inspired followups and multiple anime adaptations, most recently with 2021’s Getter Robo Arc TV anime.

Via Anime News Network