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Live-Action City Hunter Film in the Works for Netflix

Tsukasa Hojo’s City Hunter manga is about to inspire another live-action movie, but this will mark the first one to be produced in Japan and shot in Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward. Yuichi Sato (Kisaragi) is lined up to direct, with Ryohei Suzuki (Hentai Kamen, Tokyo Tribe) in the lead as protagonist Ryo Saeba. 

The film will be based on a screenplay by Tatsuhiro Mishima (live-action Yu Yu Hakusho), with Yoshihide Otomo on music, Keisuke Sanpei and Kosuke Oshida producing and Shinichi Takahashi serving as executive producer. HoriPro and Office Shirous are producing alongside Netflix. 

The new live-action City Hunter film currently has its sights set on a 2024 premiere.

The City Hunter manga is available in English via Coamix and Imagineer’s MangaHot app, which describes it like so:

Ryo Saeba, a.k.a. City Hunter. A sweeper who fulfills all his client’s needs. He’ll do anything from bodyguarding to contract killing, but he’ll only take the job if a pretty woman is involved, or the client’s sincerity makes his heart tremble. Together with his partner Kaori Makimura, the kid sister of his late best friend, Ryo fights the evil haunting the shadows of the city!!

Via Anime News Network