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LEGO Passes on Awesome Zelda Hyrule Castle Playset

The Lego Ideas platform is pretty cool in that it lets fans make their own designs to be voted on by others. To make it to the next stage, an idea has to get 10,000 votes from members of the community, and then judges need to select the winners. After that is the licensing go-ahead, which might have been one of the key hurdles for a new The Legend of Zelda set that had a lot of promise.

The design came from Artem Biziaev, who put together a really detailed Hyrule castle and earned 10,000 votes in the process. Whether it didn’t pass muster for the judges or Nintendo didn’t approve the licensing is anyone’s guess, but either way the set was not approved. Considering the fact that Nintendo has its own LEGO license and tie-in sets, it wouldn’t be surprising if that were the reason behind the fact that we won’t get to see this become a reality anytime soon, if at all.

It’s too bad, because not only did the creator design an awesome Hyrule castle, he even made it so it would transform after Ganon took over in Ocarina of Time. You can see some samples in the pictures below.

Other concepts recently passed on in the latest round of Lego Ideas include sets based on Animal Crossing, Metroid, and Among Us.

Via Kotaku