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Kyoto Unveils Five New Pokémon Manhole Covers

There are almost 160 Pokémon manhole covers across Japan, serving as tourist attractions. The manhole covers started out in less popular places to lure in tourists, but so many people are enjoying them that they’re getting placed in cities that already bring in plenty of tourism. Kyoto just unveiled five new Pokémon manhole covers.

Do you recognize all the Pokémon we have on display? There’s Ho-Oh, Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Chikorita, Shiftry, Cyndaquil Darmanitan, Totodile and Azumarill. In the background you can see references to places in Kyoto, both manmade and natural. And because these are Kyoto specific, you’ll have to go to Kyoto to see them, as it wouldn’t make much sense to put Kyoto themed Pokémon manhole covers in other places.

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