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Kyoto Animation Honors Victims on Second Anniversary of Arson Attack

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Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of the Kyoto Animation arson attack. Seventy people were in the studio when the fire started; 36 died and 32 were wounded but survived. On the anniversary, Kyoto Animation put on a small memorial service. They warned fans not to crowd the area, not wanting to spread COVID. Instead, they put messages and videos online.

Shinji Aoba was arrested for the arson and he has confessed. He is at the at the Osaka Detention House, awaiting trial. He claimed to have done the arson because he believed that a vaguely similar short scene in the anime Tsurune from Kyoto Animation stole his idea. The Kyoto Animation arson was one of the worst mass murders in the history of Japan.

Source: The Mainichi


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