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Koji Morimoto Joins Japanese-Italian Co-Production Shinku

Koji Morimoto Joins Japanese-Italian Co-Production ShinkuLegendary animator and director Koji Morimoto will be co-directing the Italian-Japanese co-production Shinku, it was announced this weekend.

Shinku, which will be co-produced by Okayama Prefecture-based studio Machiken, expands on the stop-motion film Red Hands created by Francesco Filippi, who will co-direct with Morimoto.

The film will feature a blend of stop-motion and 2D animation, the latter of which will be directed by Morimoto. He’ll be joined by Hiroshi Sasaki (Gunbuster) as art director and Gainax co-founder Hiroaki Inoue as producer.

Shinku is expected to go into production this fall.

Morimoto, a veteran animator, is perhaps best known as a director for the “Magnetic Rose” segment of Memories and Noiseman Sound Insect.

Red Hands, which won Best Italian Film at Fabrique du Cinema Award 2018, was partially funded via crowdfunding. Here’s how the official site described the story:

Ernesto, 12 years old, is a smart boy, but also very protected and alone. One day he discovers wonderful red murals which were made by a mysterious girl named Luna, who is just a little older than him. She has a special power of emitting a vivid red color from her hands, with which she expressed her talent. But behind this gift she has a painful reality: Luna’s father, Furio, is a violent man. When the two adolescents form a bond of friendship, Luna suddenly disappears. Ernesto will have to gather all his courage to save the life of this peculiar girl of whom he has fallen in love with….

Source: Renato Rivera Rusca, ANN

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