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Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san Anime is Officially Coming Back for More

karakai jozu no takagi-sanA few days ago we posted about some teasing from Soichiro Yamamoto, the author behind the Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san (Teasing Master Takagi-san) manga. If you guessed that the tease had to do with the reveal of a second season, you win! Following up on some early leaks, the official announcement arrived in the February 2019 issue of Shogakukan’s Monthly Shonen Sunday magazine in Japan on January 12.

So far there aren’t too many details, but director Hiroaki Akagi will once again be back at the helm at anime studio Shin-Ei Animation. Here’s the cover of the issue with the announcement:

karakai jozu no takagi-san

The original manga has been serialized since 2013, and was adapted into an anime by Shin-Ei Animation in 2018. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired, and describes it like so:

“I swear I’m going to tease and embarrass Takagi-san today!” Nishikata, a middle-schooler, keeps getting teased by the girl who sits next to him in class, Takagi-san. He tries every day to get back at her, but will he ever succeed? Takagi-san and Nishikata’s youthful teasing battle starts now!

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