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July Anime Rewrite Director Promises Impressive First Episode

Rewrite, the upcoming anime based on a visual novel by Key (Kanon, Clannad), will premiere July 2 with an hour-long episode featuring more shots than your standard TV anime, according to its director.

Rewrite director Tensho (Kinmoza, Grisaia) tweeted on June 4 that the one-hour special will feature “over 800 shots” and will definitely be worth watching, prompting anime-watching netizens to ask, “just how impressive is 800 shots anyway?”

Some digging on the part of one such netizen revealed that the average number of shots for a regular-length episode of anime is about 280 to 340. Expand that to an hour and you get about 560 to 640, meaning Rewrite’s first episode definitely has more than your average number of shots.


But other netizens who chimed in were less than impressed by this whole 800 shots thing. Several commenters noted the shot count doesn’t matter if the story isn’t any good. Others noted that plenty of other anime have had the same or higher shot count without the director “bragging about it online.”

Rewrite is based on a visual novel about a high school student with superhuman abilities who solves mysteries with and romances five female classmates. The series is being animated by the studio 8-Bit (Grisaia, Comet Lucifer).

We’ll find out just how good the first episode of Rewrite ends up looking July 2.

Source: Yaraon

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