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Japan’s Robot Dogs and Waiters Are Here to Help You Through COVID

robot dogs

People are trying different ways to get through the COVID pandemic. In Japan, robots are increasingly being used.

The Japan Times explained different ways robots are being utilized. There are now robot waiters: “Multi-sensor fusion technology, based on infrared, 3D mapping and machine vision, also enable the wagon-shaped robot to avoid people and other obstacles while moving.”

There are also avatar robots, where there’s a screen so you can see the person using the robot and they can help you with whatever task is needed. But because they’re not actually there, it prevents the spread of COVID.

There are also robot dogs created by Sony to keep people company during quarantine.

Japan Times talked about how some people are impressed with the way things are going with all these robots, while others worry these robots might cause more harm than good.

But we still haven’t gotten to the point where the giant moving Gundam robot is needed to wait tables.

Source: Japan Times


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