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Japanese Occult Academy Discs to Include Spinoffs

Anyone that thinks North American anime DVD buyers have ever been given the shaft on disc content probably hasn’t purchased many Japanese discs. It’s kind of like a more expensive trip to the starry Suncoast-ruled past, with two-episode DVDs and Blu-rays reminding one of those old expensive VHS tapes with about 60 minutes worth of content on them.

While it’s true that this style of bare-bones release still exists in Japan, upcoming volumes of summer season anime Occult Academy will at least be giving fans a little more bang for their buck.

Volume two of the Occult Academy Blu-ray and DVD release will include the first of four spinoff episodes. On top of that bonus, the limited edition adds a CD featuring the show’s own Mikaze Nakagawa (voiced by Minori Chihara) singing “Be Together.”

The first volume of Occult Academy ships on September 22 in Japan, with the second hitting shelves on October 27. Importers take note!

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Source [Neowing via ANN]