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Japanese Netizen Goes Viral Standing Up For Video Games Against Grandma

A Japanese Twitter user who goes by @extrmmtkchan told his followers about a talk he recently had with his grandma about video games. It went like this:

“My grandmother said to me, ‘Your younger brother does nothing but play video games. You’re so much smarter than he is. How did you get so smart?’ ‘By playing video games,’ I replied immediately, feeling like a boss.”


Enough people liked that response that as of this writing it’s gotten more than 13,000 retweets and almost 123,000 likes.

People wanted to know the grandma’s response to learning that video games can be educational, and have been educational for @extrmmtkchan. @extrmmtkchan claims that after his previous statement, he asked his grandma, “Are you okay? You feeling all right? Do we need to get you a PCR test?”

Here are some of the replies on Twitter to this story:

“Cannot like enough. Games use your brain and your heart. Manga does too.”
“If you’re not having fun, you won’t learn, that’s probably why the younger brother is struggling.”
“That comeback was so good even I felt like a boss just reading it.”
“I learned all the prefectures in Japan by playing Momotaro Dentetsu.”
“I set all my games to English. 80 percent of the English I know came from them!”

This comes a few months after the Japanese magazine President Family did a survey with Tokyo University students about which video games have the best educational benefits for children. Depending on the video game, it can teach anything from critical thinking to math to language studies. Some of the video games the Tokyo University students picked include Kotoba no Puzzle: Moji Pittan, Minecraft, the aforementioned Momotaro Densetsu, Pokémon, Professor Layton, Animal Crossing and Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. Have video games been educational for you?

Source: SoraNews24


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