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Japanese Licensors Terminate Yu-Gi-Oh! US Deal

When I first glanced ‘pon this screamer of a scarehead, I must admit I did turn quite white! Those who know me, Daniel Ruggles Tanner III, are aware of my palpitating passion for this particular prince of paper-card parrying; without it on US television I have not a clue what to do in the afternoon!

Alas, it appears just such a fate shall strike us all. Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s Japanese licensors are ablaze over 4Kids’ clandestine deal making, and as such are claiming that the US company owes them millions of dollars for the auriferous affront.

TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad System’s claims truly weave within them a nightmare of litigation. Here is just one such example:

… 4Kids is said to have made an agreement with Funimation Productions, giving it the right to exploit the YGO series on home video. “4Kids conspired with Funimation to fraudulently hide from Plaintiffs more than 45% of the total income Funimation paid to 4Kids from the sale of the home videos,” the complaint states.

I, along with many of you, have my fingers duly crossed that all will resolve itself neatly in the end—a wish granted from on high, issued forth from the very Blue Eyes White Dragon I hold in my chromium-plated collectible card case—but it is not looking good for the domestic state of our jagg’d hair’d hero.

Source [Mania]