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Japanese Fans Rank the Bad Guys They Just Can’t Help But Love

“I know I’m supposed to hate this guy… but I can’t!”

So howled (or so we’d like to imagine, anyway) the fans who filled out the latest poll from data wizards Charapedia, who, for the latest round of anime polling, have asked their followers, “who’re the bad guys you can’t help but love?”

Without further ado, anime and manga’s 20 most lovable baddies:

20. Toru Oikawa

19. Annie Leonhart
Attack on Titan

18. Sosuke Aizen

17. Deishu Kaiki

16. Dio
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

15. Shu Tsukiyama
Tokyo Ghoul

14. Itachi Uchiha

13. Ferid Bathory
Seraph of the End

12. Vermouth
Detective Conan

11. Kayaba “Heathcliff” Akihiko
Sword Art Online

10. Izaya Orihara

9. Frieza
Dragon Ball

8. Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti

7. Kamui

6. Buggy
One Piece

And the top five…

5. Makoto Hanamiya
Kuroko’s Basketball

4. Doronjo

3. Shinsuke Takasugi

2. Team Rocket

1. Baikinman

An interesting list – and not just because it ends with Anpanman’s eternal foe Baikinman, a character familiar to just about every Japanese person on the planet but not so much to us ‘merican folk. On the other hand, there’s likely not a Millennial around who doesn’t have fond memories of Pokemon‘s most lovable villains, Team Rocket.

How about you, folks? What baddies do you love to love?

Source: Charapedia

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