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Hokkaido Gets Seven Vulpix Manhole Covers

There are 189 Pokémon manhole covers (referred to as Pokefuta) to be found around Japan. These manhole covers act as a form of tourism, and it seems as if Hokkaido can’t get enough of them. Earlier this month Hokkaido added seven more Pokémon manhole covers, so they now have 26 altogether in the prefecture.

Vulpix (or Alolan Vulpix) is pictured in all of the new manhole covers. And of course there had to be an unveiling that included people in costume as Vulpix. But as you can see, Vulpix gets company in each of the manhole cover designs.

If you ever feel like searching for all the different Pokémon manholes out there, this website will help you find them all!

Source: grape


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