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High-Rise Invasion Releases Trailers in Japanese and English

High-Rise Invasion, the Netflix anime based on the manga published by Seven Seas Entertainment, will debut on February 25 in Japan. Netflix released both a Japanese and an English trailer. The opening theme song “HON-NO” — performed by EMPiRE — can be heard in both trailers.

Here’s the Japanese trailer:

And here’s the English trailer:

The closing song will be “Watashi no Na wa Blue” (translated as “My Name is Blue”), performed by Have a Nice Day!

More information on the Japanese cast was also revealed. Jun Fukuyama plays Mamoru Aikawa, Yoko Hikasa plays Yayoi Kusakabe, Megumi Ogata plays Shinji Okihara, Koji Yusa plays Kazuma Aohara, Chika Anzai plays Ein, and Shizuka Itou plays Dealer Mask.

Turning to staff announcements, Junki Taniguchi is the art director, Hiroyuki Nemoto is art setting, Hiroshi Ogawa is prop design, Yuko Kobari is color design, Kosuke Tanaka is director of photography, Tomohiko Kan is 3D CG Director, Masaki Utsunomiya is editing, and Masahiro Takata is audio director.

Source: Anime News Network


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