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Here’s Your Theatrical Evangelion 2.0 Schedule

So you know that Gainax series, Neon Genesis Evangelion or something? Well then, smarty, maybe you also know about the Rebuild project of theatrical films that have been hitting the big screen, gradually reshaping that oh so familiar show into a brand new beast.

Now that you’re two for two, one can only assume you know that the latest film to make its way to North America, Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance is set to play across screens nationwide via a limited release. Well, here’s your official schedule, so now you know everything!


Date(from) Term State Area  Theater      EVA 1.0

2011/1/19 1 day TX Austin Alamo Lake Creek 1/18 (1 day)

2011/1/20 1 day CA San Diego Ultra Star Chula Vista 10

2011/1/20 1 day CA San Diego Ultra Star Mission Valley – Hazard Center

2011/1/20 1 day CA San Diego Ultra Star Mission Marketplace

2011/1/20 1 day CA Anaheim UltraStar GardenWalk 14

2011/1/20 1 day CA Riverside Ultra Star University Village 10

2011/1/21 2 days AK Anchorage Bear Tooth Theatre 

2011/1/21 1 week AZ Phoenix, Tempe Valley Art Theatre 1/21- (3 days on matinee)

2011/1/21 1 week CA San Francisco New People 1/17- (4 days)

2011/1/21 1 week CO Denver Denver FilmCenter/Colfax 1/18- (3 days)

2011/1/21 2 days FL Tampa Bay Clearwater Cinema Café TBA

2011/1/21 1 week GA Atlanta Plaza Atlanta 

2011/1/21 1 week HI Maui Maui Mall Megaplex Cinemas 12 

2011/1/21 3 days IN Indianapolis Georgetown 14 Cinemas 1/20 (1 show at night)

2011/1/21 1 week MO Kansas City Screenland Crossroads 1/21- (2 days on matinee)

2011/1/21 1 week NC Greensboro Carousel Luxury Cinemas

2011/1/21 2 days NM Albuquerque The Guild Cinema 1/14, 15

2011/1/21 1 week NY New York Big Cinemas Manhattan 1/19- (2 days)

2011/1/21 1 week TX Dallas/Fort Worth Harkins Theatres – Southlake 14 1/21- (3 days on matinee)

2011/1/21 1 week WA Seattle Grand Illusion Cinema 1/14- (1 week)

2011/1/28 1 week CA Los Angeles Downtown Independent 1/14- (1 week)

2011/1/28 1 week OR Portland Living Room Theatre 

2011/2/8 4 days HI Honolulu Doris Duke Theatre 

2011/3/18 2 days OK Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Museum of Art 

TBA 1 day FL Fort Lauderdale Cinema Paradiso

TBA 1 week CA Irvine Regency South Coast Village

*: More theaters will be added.

You can check the latest schedule on www.funimation.com/evangelion

*: The release schedule for Canada will be announced in early January


As Funimation stated in their press release, some select theaters will also be playing Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone prior to the sequel. Sounds like an ace double feature to me.