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Hacka Doll Anime’s Cast Sings Theme Song

Hacka Doll the Animation—based on the Hacka Doll app, which delivers customized news feeds generated from questions and personal interests—is set to premiere in Japan on October 2. The app’s customization engine is personified as a trio of Hacka Dolls in the anime, and a new promo previews the main cast and the theme song, “Touch Tap Baby,” which they sing.

Hacka Doll #1, the main navigator, is played by Miyu Takagi (Miyu in Wake Up, Girls!); Hacka Doll #2, anime expert, is played by Kaya Okuno (Yaya in Hanayamata, Kaya in Wake Up, Girls!); and Hacka Doll #3, the all-knowing otaku, is played by Nanami Yamashita (Chifuyu in Inou Battle Within Everyday Life, Nanami in Wake Up, Girls!).  

Source: MOCA News via Anime News Network