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Guin Saga’s Kaoru Kurimoto Passes Away

These pages are typically home to more uplifting fare, so it saddens me to pass along news of Kaoru Kurimoto’s passing. Kurimoto, just 56 at the time of her death, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2007. She leaves behind her husband, Kiyoshi Imaoka, and a wealth of creative works that span her prolific career.

The most well known of these works, the Guin Saga novel series, sprawls across a staggering 126 volumes, not including 21 side stories. It has been adapted into both manga and anime formats, the latter of which just premiered in April, and the novel series has sold 30 million copies.

From her debut with Bokura no Jidai in 1978 to Guin Saga itself, which has been published to an extent in North America by Vertical Inc., Kaoru Kurimoto made a deep impression, to say the very least.

Source [Sankei Shinbun via ANN]