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Group in Japan Protests Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Anime for Its Depiction of Minors

dropout idol fruit tart

Protestors from a local women’s rights organization recently appeared in Tokyo’s Koganei to speak out against an anime they find to be problematic: Dropout Idol Fruit Tart. Based on the four-panel manga by Sō Hamayumiba, the anime premiered last fall, and the small group of protestors wanted to raise awareness about the way the show depicts minors in certain scenes.

This all went down at an event for the Dropout Idol Fruit Tart anime, which is based in Koganei and had photo ops, a local politician showing support for the series, and more. Meanwhile, the gathered protestors held signs saying stuff like “People of Koganei, this an anime not to show your children” while specifically calling out the fact that junior high school girls appear in bathing suits and there are scenes “with junior high girls in their underwear getting dressed.”

Fliers were handed out, as well, both showing the connection the show has to Koganei and the local support it’s been receiving, as well as screenshots showing these changing shots and other moments the protestors found distasteful. The group contacted the city to voice their displeasure, and called Dropout Idol Fruit Tart an embarrassment for Koganei both nationally and internationally.

A promo for the series from August 2020:

While the protestors have urged campaigns supporting the show to be examined more closely along with the content of the anime itself, the city doesn’t have plans to cut ties with the series any time soon.

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