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Golgo 13 Slated for July from Sentai Filmworks

If Duke Togo heard this news, I imagine his reaction would be much less verbose than anyone else’s. Perhaps a stoic nod, or some sort of manly murmur. Either way, I’m sure he’d agree that Section23’s licensing of The Answer Studio’s 2008 series is both an exciting and brave venture.

Golgo 13‘s adventures will come packaged in the form of a box set containing all 50 episodes, with a retail price of $59.98, scheduled for release in mid-July.

Anyone that fancies themselves a fan of this type of series should start squirreling away that pocket change now, as it no doubt caters to a more niche market than most. Do we have any readers out there particularly pumped for this, or perhaps any that have watched fansubs of it before?

Source [Japanator]