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GODZILLA ENERGY is a Drink That Will Give You Kaiju Power*

godzilla energy

Some days call for an extra boost, and maybe that cup of coffee or can of Monster just won’t cut it. When the time comes, you might need to turn to the recently revealed GODZILLA ENERGY, a new energy drink that Cheerio Japan announced, claiming it contains the highest amount of caffeine per 100ml in a can in the country.

The can itself is 500ml, and its contents add up to 210mg of caffeine and 630mg of arginine per can. The drink will be available in vending machines in the Chubu, Kansai, and Okinawa regions of Japan—as well as chains nationwide—starting on April 30.

* Note: Any claims we make about GODZILLA ENERGY giving you Kaiju power are pure speculation on our part.

Via Crunchyroll