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Ghibli Park Shares Concept Art, Including Real Howl’s Castle to Go Inside

It was recently announced that Ghibli Park will have its grand opening on November 1. When that date arrives, people will be able to go into the sections Giant Ghibli Warehouse (Ghibli no Daisōko in Japanese), Hill of Youth (Seishun no Oka) and Dondoko Forest (Dondoko Mori). The Mononoke Village (Mononoke no Sato) and Witch Valley (Majo no Tani Area) sections won’t open until late 2023, but some concept images have been released, along with more information on them.

Here is the concept image for Mononoke Village.

But this won’t be the whole area. Mononoke Village will consist of both Emishi Village and Irontown, and it will be just under two acres in size. We’re also teased with the information that there will be a charcoal burner’s hut and some educational stuff going on with the ironworks.

Then here is the concept image for Witch’s Valley. If you ever wanted Howl’s Moving Castle to become real, this is probably as close as you can get.

Howl’s Castle will be 52 ½ feet tall, and have 3,110.8 feet in floor space. People will be able to go inside it and explore, and the designers specifically said that Howl’s bedchambers will be there.

Witch’s Valley will be just short of eight acres, making it not only considerably bigger than Mononoke Village, but the biggest section of the whole park. Along with Howl’s Castle, in this section you’ll be able to find Hatter’s Hat Shop, Kiki’s childhood house, the Witch’s House, and Guchokipanya bakery. There will additionally be a major restaurant located in this section.

Construction commenced for the park in 2020. The people behind it are estimating that after the park is fully open (meaning all the sections) almost two million people will visit it each year. Do you want or plan to be one of them?

Source: SoraNews24


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