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Get Lazy with the Himouto! Umaru-chan Premium Box Set

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Everyone is a little different at school than they are at home, but it’s rare for anyone to hit the extremes that Umaru Doma does so effortlessly. From top student to hooded slob, you can see her transformation in full thanks to

now available for pre-order!

Umaru’s classmates probably wouldn’t even recognize her if they saw how she looks and behaves in the privacy of her home. Behind closed doors, the clothes come off, the hamster hood comes on, and anything goes in her messy, media-devouring world.

As long as Umaru keeps her violent-game-playing, binge-watching habits to herself, no harm done, right? Tell that to her older brother, Taihei, who has to put up with an increasingly whiny and obnoxious little sister. Family is fair game, but what happens if Umaru’s secret gets out? Can her public life survive a disastrous clash with the private Umaru we all know and begrudgingly love?

Himouto! Umaru-chan has never looked better on home video, and Sentai Filmworks’ Premium Box Set packs in a bunch of digital and physical extras for fans. In addition to on-disc bonuses, the set comes with a figure, buttons, keychain, magnet, lanyard, audio CD, and much more.

and prepare to shut yourself in for a wild, ridiculous ride.

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