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Get Caught up on These Returning Fall Anime

Get caught up to these returning fall anime!

While we’re very excited for all the fresh new fall anime coming soon, we also can’t wait for the return of some old favorites! Second seasons are in the works for previously-completed shows… and in one case, there’s a whole new sequel coming for an old classic. Fortunately, there are still a few weeks left in the summer season, so you have time to jump on board!

Here’s a trio of shows coming back, and where you can get started filling the backlog.


The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent

The Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent

Sei is bringing her gentle healing to the fall anime season when The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent returns! Based on the slice-of-life isekai by Yuka Tachibana, the series teaches everyone the most important lesson in fantasy: always respect your healer.

Our heroine is an ordinary office worker with an understanding of herbs and a surprising ability. Her potions are super effective! In this surprisingly gentle series, she helps others and finds love in a magical new world. What happens next? Find out this season… but first, get caught up to season 1!


Dead Mount Death Play

Dead Mount Death Play

From isekai to reverse isekai, the fall anime season is bringing back all sorts of favorites. Dead Mount Death Play is a more recent resurrection, having begun its run during this year’s spring season. Fortunately, it won’t be long ’til Polka Shinoyama returns… along with the otherworldly Corpse God inhabiting his mortal form!

As the first season opens, the Corpse God uses necromancy to escape death at the hands of the great hero Shagrua. What he doesn’t expect is to wake up in the body of the recently-killed Polka in our world. But it turns out the two worlds are more linked than anyone expects. As “Polka” navigates the underworld of Shinjuku, he discovers a shocking web of secrets. If you’re planning to watch the new season, you’ll definitely want to get caught up first!


MF Ghost

MF Ghost

Initial D is back… kind of! Shuichi Shigeno returned to the world of street racing in MF Ghost, a sequel to his beloved racing series. It’s a whole new generation of racers… but of course, mastermind Ryosuke Takahashi is still active. In a near-future of self-driving electric cars, the RedSuns and Project D founder now runs MFG: a street-racing organization that still uses internal combustion cars. And their newest rookie, Kanata, is a student of the legendary Takumi Fujiwara himself!

There’s a lot of Initial D out there. But if you’re feeling driven to catch up, it’s a great time to get started!

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