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Garo Planning to Attack Japanese Theaters in 3-D

3-D movies are all the rage right now. You can pretty much sell anyone on something—yes, even a movie featuring Tracy Morgan as a talking guinea pig—so long as it’s offered up in some form of 3-D. You know what can sell me on 3-D, though? Garo.

For the unfamiliar, Garo was essentially a late-night, adult-oriented tokusatsu (special effects) show that ran for 25 episodes beginning in 2005. It contained all the awesome stuff you wouldn’t expect to see in the world of brightly costumed heroes, and was slapped with the killer title of “Hyper Midnight Action Drama.”

Well, Garo is coming back, set to hit the screen in eye-popping 3D under the directorial hand of Keita Amemiya, somewhat of an adult tokusatsu legend with movies like Zeiram and Hakaider, to name a couple. Makoto Yokoyama (Kamen Rider: The First, Yo-Yo Girl Cop) will serve as action director. One can only hope that Garo will make his way stateside in a box full of 3-D specs at some point after the film’s release, which is as yet undetermined beyond “next year.”

Source [Variety via Quiet Earth]